Enclosure Cooling

HPS is the high performance split air conditioner designed to ensure proper environmental conditions inside
technological environments, especially for mobile networks. Liebert HPS guarantees an effective air distribution, while its highly
efficient components ensure energy and space saving. The unit is available in several cooling versions thus guaranteeing
extreme flexibility for any site application. Liebert HPS can be configured depending on the main application drivers (noise level,
environmental conditions range etc.) and the desired options (freecooling, emergency freecooling, heating etc.).

Floor-Mount Units

Liebert® PDX, equipped with variable speed compressors and Liebert® iCOMTM control, has been designed to be the most efficient, reliable, flexible and smart direct expansion cooling solution for data centers.
Liebert PDX maximizes part load efficiency, compared to most common direct expansion cooling systems, therefore significantly reducing running costs.
Liebert PDX ensures precise and constant control of airflow, temperature and humidity.

Thanks to its innovative design and use of advanced technologies, it matches requirements for cooling continuity coming from the most trusted and adopted certification authorities for data center design and operation.

Liebert PDX enhances the inherent scalability of direct expansion systems, even on those data centers where the initial heat load is very low or subject to fluctuation.

Its wider operating range allows Liebert PDX to be a step ahead of the new challenges posed by data center requirements and climate change.

Liebert PDX smart control manages and optimizes the overall system, is fully-programable via an advanced and user-friendly touch display and can be linked with common BMS protocols, allowing remote supervision.

Evaporative Freecooling Solutions

Liebert® EFC, the Highly Efficient Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Solution

The Liebert EFC is equipped with the most advanced industry technology. The system includes indirect air-to-air heat exchange
and evaporative cooling technology all in one footprint. The Liebert EFC is capable of reducing air temperatures by leveraging on
the evaporative cooling principle.
The process involves the evaporation of water which, as a consequence, cools the surrounding air. Through this technology, the
Liebert EFC can thus achieve pPUE levels of 1.03 ensuring top energy efficiency, as well as minimized operating costs.


Liebert® Chillers combines the outstanding levels of energy efficiency allowed by free-cooling together with the endless availability guaranteed by a selection of multi-scroll, Inverter Scroll and Centrifugal compressors back up and the highly efficient adiabatic wet pad system. The latter humidifies the air entering the free-cooling and condensing coils, consequently increasing free-cooling operation and mechanical efficiency. The unit is thus designed to guarantee 100% cooling availability even under the most critical conditions such as fluctuating power supplies, limited water availability and high ambient temperatures.